BW Structural Services’ 20+ years of expertise in structural steel detailing, fabrication and project management will ensure your structural products are delivered on time, accurately and completely.  We know firsthand how important it is to choose well-qualified subcontractors who have the capability and work ethic to provide timely solutions to complex, fast-paced construction challenges. Team up with BWSS for all your structural steel needs, and gain access to an increasingly hard-to-find, highly trained staff of steel professionals, utilizing the most advanced steel detailing/management software available.  The unique ability to merge expert steel detailers and project managers with state-of-the-art detailing software and fabricators elevates BW Structural Services above the competition.




A professional steel detailer since 1998, an owner since 2002, Mr. Weber offers expertise in a variety of areas including shop and field drawings for structural, tanks, hoppers, chutes and misc. architectural steel.


BW Structural Services provides steel fabricator support services for commercial and industrial applications. Our firm of steel professionals offer expertise in a variety of areas including structural, misc. and architectural steel, embeds, joist and deck, hoppers, chutes and vessels. BWSS is governed by the AISC Code of Standard Practice and a proven methodology to complete projects on time and on budget.
  • Structural Steel
  • Misc. Steel (stairs, rail, ladders, etc.)
  • Grating
  • BIM
  • SDS/2
  • Tanks, hoppers & chutes
  • Joist and Deck
  • Light gage girts & purlins
  • Connection Design

    “On time, on budget, and delivered as promised.  Understands the work and runs with it.”  Jamison, IICC

    Brian is an astutely qualified steel detailer driven by a servant’s heart towards his customers and desires each project to be successful with an eye towards preventing potentially hidden issues & pitfalls!”  Jeff, ProStructural


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