We know firsthand how important it is to choose well-qualified subcontractors who have the capability and work ethic to provide timely solutions to complex, fast-paced construction challenges. With over 40 years of experience in the structural steel industry, BW Structural Services has the knowledge and skill required to bridge the problem-causing gap between design and shop drawings and get things done.

BW Structural Services’ expertise in structural steel detailing, fabrication and project management will ensure your structural products are delivered on time, accurately and completely. By contracting BWSS for your structural steel needs, you gain access to an increasingly hard-to-find, highly-trained staff of steel professionals, utilizing the most advanced steel detailing software available. The unique ability to merge expert steel detailers and project managers with state-of-the-art detailing software elevates BW Structural Services above the competition.


The steel shop drawing preparation process is typically delayed until the steel fabricator is awarded. By contracting BWSS to work directly with the project engineer, you’ll gain three multidimensional advantages.

1. Create a seamless transition from design drawing to working shop drawings; avoiding connection design conflicts and clashes with other trades.

2. Save significant down time while bids/contracts are negotiated and virtually eliminate the time consuming approval process.

3. Ensure the most competitive pricing and delivery schedules possible.

Contact BW Structural Services today to improve your schedules, avoid costly errors and increase your bottom line.




A professional steel detailer since 1998, an owner since 2002, Mr. Weber offers expertise in a variety of areas including shop and field drawings for structural, tanks, hoppers, chutes and misc. architectural steel.



Detailing with BW for more than a decade, with a primary focus on misc steel detailing since 1998, Perry has extensive experience in stairs, railing and many other areas of misc and structural steel. Perry produces one of a kind shop and erection drawings that are easy to read and pleasing to the eye, a true master of the detailing craft.


BW Structural Services provides steel detailing and fabricator support services for commercial and industrial applications. Our firm of professional detailers offer expertise in a variety of areas including shop drawings for structural, misc. and architectural steel, embeds, joist and deck as well as drafting, detailing and fabrication support services to steel fabricators, architectural/engineering companies and general contractors. BWSS, based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is governed by Christian values, the AISC Code of Standard Practice and a proven methodology to complete projects on time and on budget.

Services Offered

BWSS is committed to meeting or exceeding your expectations without compromising deadlines, clarity and accuracy of shop drawings. The company's ability to remain a strong competitor in this field is accomplished through an extensive integration of experience, technology, continuing education and hard work.

  • 3-D Modeling/BIM
  • CNC output
  • Fabtrol exports
  • DXF interface
  • BWSS fabrication support services includes:

  • Structural and miscellaneous steel detailing
  • Seasoned detailers with fabrication and erection experience
  • Structural steel project management services
  • Quantity estimation at pre-bid stage
  • Bill of Materials for structural steel procurement